EFT Practitioners

The following are EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioners who I have gained a lot of respect for. Their work in developing EFT in many directions is astounding. My thanks goes out to each one for their revolutionary work in many specialized areas. This is help that is particularly needed in our challenging times. I believe it is no accident that the help has come now.

Gary Craig

Gary Craig is the founder and creator of EFT. He is a kindly man who’s goal has been to “get the word out” about EFT in order to help as many as possible to help themselves. He has done a phenomenal job of that through his website www.emofree.com. Available on his website is a comprehensive free manual. His website has story upon story of people’s real-life experiences with EFT and what has worked or where something has not worked and suggestions of what to do about it. Training DVDs are available at a reasonable price for those who would like to advance their understanding and skills with EFT.

Dr. Patricia Carrington

Her insightful articles are found in abundance on Gary Craig’s site. Reading these articles is where I gained so much respect for her. She also has a personal website at www.eftupdate.com. She is the originator of the well-known and well-used “choices” method. By subscribing to her newsletter you can receive her free e-book “The Magic of Personal Choice in EFT”.

One of her specialties is in the area of weight loss. She has available a program for $89.00 dealing with weight issues. I have not used this program, but would guess that it is very good.

Carol Tuttle

Carol leads out in a unique area. She was the first, as far as I know, to incorporate online tapping . For $3.95 you can try her online interactive healing center for 3 days. You tap right along with her while saying the statements. She is on video in one screen and the words are to the side in another screen.

She also has available on her website many CDs Carol Tuttle - Remembereing Wholeness
and DVDs with clearing sessions which can
be purchased. Those areas of clearing include
creating prosperity with money, clearing issues
that are keeping you fat, and powerful
affirmations to change your life.

Her book Remembering Wholeness is available for purchase and it is awesome!

I attended her first Energy Healing 101 workshop
in fall of 2006 and it was fabulous! I have no
problem recommending Carol and her products to
you. To become more familiar with her you could
check out her newsletter archive.

Dr. Carol Look

Dr. Look is another person whom I have gained respect for because of reading her very helpful articles on the emofree website. She also has her own website - www.carollook.com. Her specialty is in attracting abundance with EFT. She has available for purchase e-books or regular books on attracting abundance, improving your eyesight, smoking cessation, and weight loss.

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