The Emotion Code:  A Major Key in Releasing Emotional Baggage

One of the great techniques of all time is “The Emotion Code”.  This one is a must have for everyone's toolbox of simple healing techniques.  (NOTE: To go one step further, take a look at the Body Code Healing System which includes "The Emotion Code" within it.)

This technique has been taught and developed over several years by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  The book he wrote, titled The Emotion Code, was published in June of 2007.

Somewhere along the way it was brought to my attention, I ordered the book, and within a day after its arrival I was hooked.

What is the purpose of this technique/book?

The purpose is to teach how to find and remove emotions that were not processed completely at the time of an event or situation and ended up becoming trapped in the body. The book covers the topic of trapped emotions quite thoroughly.

Why is it important to release trapped emotions?

For the answer to that question I quote Dr. Nelson from his book, page 11:

“In the same way that the effects of the wind are felt rather than seen, trapped emotions are invisible, yet can exert a powerful influence upon you…...”

“Trapped emotions can cause you to make the wrong assumptions, overreact to innocent remarks, misinterpret behavior and short-circuit your relationships. Even worse, trapped emotions can create depression, anxiety and other unwanted feelings that you can’t seem to shake. They can interfere with proper function of your body’s organs and tissues, wreaking havoc with your physical health, causing pain, fatigue and illness.”

Also, a quote from page 13:

”The Emotion Code is about clearing away the baggage, so that you can be who you really are inside. You are not your emotional baggage, but sometimes your trapped emotions can derail you, or cause you to travel on paths you’d rather not take. Trapped emotions can keep you from living the vibrant, healthy life you are meant to live.”

YouTube Demonstration

This video starts in the middle of a presentation on magnets, but shows the process of using "The Emotion Code". The speaker is Dr. Bradley Nelson. In the previous clip, he tested the woman by asking "Do you have a trapped emotion causing your back pain that we can release now?" She tested as "Yes" and now in this clip he is proceeding with the technique.

Where can I buy the book?

The book is available through Amazon or through Dr. Bradley Nelson's site: This book is an easy, enjoyable read and makes a lot of sense.

What is needed to be able to do this technique?

All that is needed is a basic understanding of muscle testing (which is taught in the book), a couple of charts (also in the book or a printable version is available online), and a magnet. That is it!

Where can I learn more?

Free Emotion Code Starter Program

Personal Emotion Code Experiences - Personal experiences I have had using "The Emotion Code."

Additional Information and Resources

I definitely recommend buying the book first and reading it. Once you are familiar with what is there then the following web pages are helpful.

Downloadable Emotion Code Chart

Flow Charts

What is a Trapped Emotion? - An explanation of trapped emotions, why they get stuck, and the affects they can cause.

List of Emotions - A list of the emotions on the chart and their definitions.

Magnets - Magnet options to start out with.

Emotion Code Questions - A page with an outline to help you find out more information about a trapped emotion. Experience in muscle testing is needed before this page will be helpful.

Muscle Testing Magic - An introduction to muscle testing.

What is a Heart Wall? - Learn about heart walls

Your Heart Wall Revealed - A page with an outline to help you find out information about your personal heart wall. Experience in muscle testing is needed before this page will be helpful.

Creative Questioning Using "The Emotion Code" - A page designed to stimulate your mind with various questions to ask when using "The Emotion Code".

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