The Healing Code: A Must Read Book
and a Must Have Technique

When it comes to the Healing Code and the Healing Codes there is a difference.  This page introduces you to the Healing Code book and its simple, basic "universal healing code." The book was published in March of 2010.  Since writing the book (or maybe before), Dr. Alex Loyd has come out with more advanced "codes" which speed up the process and target more specific areas of life.  These are called the  Healing Codes.

I have read the book and  consider it to be a "Must Read" for everyone. It contains a "universal code" that is kind of a one-size-fits-all healing code that everyone can use and get started with healing. As wonderful as that is, the book also gives the clearest and most complete explanation of what the source of all illness is and what is behind that source of any book that I am aware of. This book ranks within my top five self-help healing books.

If you have ever wondered...

If you have ever wondered what the source of all illness is... Read this book!

If you have ever wondered what affect memories may have on your physical body... Read this book!

If you have ever wondered why positive thinking won't clear up all issues... Read this book!

If you have ever wondered if you have hidden beliefs sabotaging your efforts to change... Read this book!

If you have ever wondered if there is an emotional healing technique that has been verified to heal in some physical manner through a scientific way of testing... Read this book!

What is a Healing Code?

The healing code consists of four healing centers located on your neck and face. You are taught to hold your hands in a certain position to activate each center. This is done in a specific order or sequence which is the "code".

In the case of The Healing Code there is just one code given that can be used by anyone to activate some degree of healing. The Healing Codes have more involved codes which are more powerful as they are more directed and specific to certain issues.  They are quicker than The Healing Code alone.

Should I get The Healing Code Book or The Healing Codes?

Maybe you have held off on getting The Healing Codes. You might be wanting to know a little more about what the codes are. If so, then start with the book and go from there. I believe you will find the book to be worth every penny you spend for it.

The book will give you many valuable insights into yourself and it will also give you the "universal healing code" that you can begin using right away. I recommend the book even for those who have The Healing Codes already.

A sample of the book is available by clicking here: The Healing Code Book - Sample Book PDF.

Either before, during, or immediately after reading the book you can go to the Heart Issues Finder to determine what heart issues you need to work on. After using "The Codes" for a weeks you can then go back and recheck again where you are with the Heart Issues Finder.

If you want to jump right in to the more directed Healing Codes then I would recommend going ahead and getting either the digital version or the full package version.   (Other Healing Code Products also Available.

The Healing Codes Downloadable Version for $199

Heart Issues Finder

All Healing Code Products (Including The Success Codes and Q Codes)

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