The ZPoint Process: A Wonderful
Emotional Healing Technique That Anyone Can Use

I am quite excited to have found the "ZPoint Process." It is yet another fabulous self-healing tool that fits my criteria for being simple and easy to use.

Note:  Over time, the ZPoint Process and how it is being offered to the public has evolved and changed as things tend to do.  A little bit of the information previously on this site has been kept, but to gain a full understanding of the Process now, it is best to:

            -  Purchase the book:  Allowing Happiness on Cue 


            -  Get involved on the website:  Accepting Self

What is the ZPoint Process?

ZPoint is a very simple yet powerful tool designed to release the feelings that are holding you back from achieving what you really want in life. The most basic procedure for this process is done by installing a Healing Program (instructions telling your body what to do) and using a cue word to activate the program. For a more complete explanation see the video below or go to his (Grant Connolly's) website: Accepting Self


Accepting Self - The main website for ZPoint

ZPoint Uses - My page of ideas of what the ZPoint Process can be used for.

ZPoint in Depth Protocol 

Simplified ZPoint Protocol


Accepting Self - The main website for ZPoint

ZPoint Uses - My page of ideas of what the ZPoint Process can be used for.

ZPoint in Depth Protocol

Simplified ZPoint Protocol

My Thoughts

I feel that this technique has high potential for doing a great amount of good in a short amount of time. It may not be quite as versatile as tapping or as "surgically precise" as the Emotion Code, but in the area of strong emotions that it covers I believe it will prove its great worth and may even be quicker at clearing certain feelings. Give it a shot. You may find it becomes a favorite because it is easy to repeat a cue word at any time any where when you have the need to reduce a negative emotion.

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The Many Uses of ZPoint

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