Healing Simply with EFT or Tapping

For versatility, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is the technique to know. This is an amazingly simple yet effective technique.  It is likely the most well-known and oft-used energy technique out in the world.   In its wider range of versions it is referred to simply as "tapping".  It can be used anywhere and at anytime for all kinds of things and to use it you don't need anything but a basic knowledge of how to perform it. Pretty awesome advantages I would say!

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What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

EFT is a gentle tapping technique used to release blockages in the body’'s energy systems. It could be considered to be a cousin to acupuncture and acupressure. Through the body run energy meridians (or pathways).

Acupuncture and acupressure work to release the blockages in the energy pathways by working with various points along the meridians. EFT also works with these pathways through tapping on these meridians to release blockages.

What can EFT be used for?

There is no limit to the possibilities.  Try it on everything - phobias, addictions, traumas, depression, pain management, emotional issues - to name just a few. It is great for releasing performance anxiety and building confidence.

Why Use EFT?

  • It often works when nothing else will.

  • It can be used easily for yourself without the need of another person although there are times when a second person can give valuable aid and input.

  • It is cost-free (except for maybe ink and paper) unless you choose to spend money for learning purposes or for specific programs.

  • The basics can be learned in a short amount of time and put to use immediately.

  • It can be taken anywhere because the technique is carried in your memory.

  • Children can easily learn the technique.

  • It can be used anywhere, at anytime (within reason).

  • Much is learned about one's self in searching for answers and what to tap about.

  • It is empowering and freeing. The potential that lies within can be opened up.

Why you wouldn't use EFT?

  • You might feel the disturbing urge to let go of those problems in your life that are bringing you so much attention.

  • You might move out of your comfort zone and change. Change can be scary.

  • You might feel a little silly when first starting to use the technique.

  • No reason not to use EFT comes to mind. All of the above listed concerns center around fears that can be overcome by tapping.

How do I get started?

This 7-minute introductory video explains the connection of EFT/tapping with acupuncture. It also explains the connection between emotional issues and physical health.

A free starter package is available from www.eftuniverse.com. Also found at this site is a huge database of exciting and amazing case histories of how EFT has helped others. (Can be looked up by topic or type in what you want to find. Both search boxes are in the left column.)

Another great place to learn the points with tutorials is found at Dr. Mercola's site. He teaches a shortened version of the full technique. Dr. Mercola's Manual

Click here to learn about FasterEFT!

Another great place to learn the points with tutorials is found at Dr. Mercola's site. He teaches a shortened version of the full technique. Dr. Mercola's Manual

Further helps

FasterEFT Learn about FasterEFT.

EFT Short Version This is the basic procedure of a short version in a nutshell.

Free EFT Videos View EFT videos that can help you work on a variety of issues

Hints and Helps General helps.

Quick-reference EFT Techniques A short description of each of the many EFT techniques and methods presented on the EFT Universe website.

Searching Out Core Issues A list of questions designed to seek out underlying core emotional issues to a problem.

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EFT Short Version

EFT Hints and Helps

EFT Quick Reference Guide

Disclaimer:  The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease.  The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Please consult with a licensed health care practitioner if you are dealing with a serious disease or illness.

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