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Personal "Emotion Code" and EFT experiences, EFT and weight loss
April 01, 2009

April 2009

Phew! I don't know about you, but we are sure hoping spring shows up soon here in Utah. We all have cabin fever in a big way and then it goes and snows a couple of inches overnight. Well..., it helps us to appreciate spring when it finally does come and stay.

Hope these tidbits help:

**New Page Added: Cancer, What insights I found to be helpful.

**How I have used self-healing techniques in the past two weeks.

**Emotion Code: What kinds of results have I experienced?

**EFT: Preview of "Tap Away Your Extra Pounds with EFT"


New Page

Cancer Insights: Insights I found to be immensely helpful this past year as my husband dealt with lymphoma.

Recent Uses of Self-Healing Techniques

I thought I would share with you how I have used some of these techniques in just the past two weeks for myself.

A few days ago I had a pain in my right back/shoulder area that also went into my neck and I had a little bit of a headache as well.

Since I didn't want to have to spend a lot of time dealing with these pains right at first, I decided to try a massage oil blend that in the past has been very helpful for aches and pains. Oftentimes, this massage oil blend has completely eased muscle pains and soreness.

This particular time, for whatever reason, the massage oil blend didn't bring about any highly noticeable difference so later on in the day I decided I better tackle these pains using "The Emotion Code". I found one trapped emotion causing the pain in my neck and when I released it, the pain went away immediately and I have had no problems since.

I also found one trapped emotion underlying my headache. I released it and again I had an immediate result in that the headache went completely away.

I then turned to working on my shoulder/back area and found 3 or 4 trapped emotions there which I released. At that point I switched and decided to try EFT as well. I felt some burning sensation in my back and thought just maybe I had anger in there so I tapped on any possible anger that I might be holding in that area.

The shoulder/back pain did not go away immediately like the other two. I quit for the evening and later on (about 2 hours later) as I was going to bed I noticed that the pain was about 70% reduced. I was pretty pleased with that result. I decided to wait and see how it felt in the morning.

The next morning it was about 90% improved. Thinking there might still be more trapped emotions I asked again and found one more which I released. My back and shoulder pain cleared up within a few hours. I am certainly not complaining about those results!

What kinds of results have I had with "The Emotion Code"?

I have been using The Emotion Code for 15 months now and these are the results I am experiencing. I have had times when releasing a trapped emotion has had an effect right away as in the experience related above. I have had times when it has taken hours or days before a change has been noticed. Other times it has taken weeks or months for changes to be noticed with gradual improvement over that amount of time. I have also had situations where I had to just scratch my head and think, "Why did that not seem to have any effect at all?"

Each person is uniquely his or her self with widely varying life situations and body chemistries. We may not understand why a technique doesn't seem to "work" in a certain situation, but we definitely do not want to give up. It means that we must dig deeper.

Seminars: Dr. Nelson has added many more Emotion Code seminars for this year. It is so exciting to see the progress being made in getting the word out about this wonderful technique! Seminars are available April 3-4 in San Antonio Texas, and in Seattle, Washington on April 24-25. Other upcoming seminars are scheduled for Rhinebeck, New York, New York, New York, London, England, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Australia. Click here for further information: Emotion Code Seminars

Keep in mind that there is a level 1 certification that can be earned for this technique. If you decide to work to receive the certification it needs to be done within 90 days of attending a seminar.


The next newsletter will have more information on weight loss, but I am giving you a preview on an e-book I just bought for myself that I am really excited about. I have really struggled to lose weight and my biggest problem is being both consistent and persistent. I lose 10 pounds and then lose my focus, quit exercising, etc. and gain it right back.

I have dabbled with the techniques I recommend, but I have never gone after it with persistence. (I was hoping for an easy fix.) Finally, I decided to buy an EFT book to help me really get going. After looking at three different programs I chose Tap Away Your Extra Pounds with EFT by Gwenn Bonnell. I listened to her on a teleclass a few weeks ago and was really impressed.

I have to say that I am delighted with this e-book. She not only uses EFT, but also incorporates several of Donna Eden's energy exercises to increase your metabolism and energy flow. The book is written in a clear and concise manner with helpful diagrams. She has done a marvelous job of pulling these ideas together. Most of the book can be applied to other addictions as well.

Since I just barely bought the book, it is too soon to tell you much more than that, but I am really impressed with it.



Vicki Winterton

P.S. Here is the link again for the Emotion Code Seminars: Emotion Code Seminar information

Also, the link for Tap Away Your Extra Pounds with EFT

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