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Using Essential Oils for Insects and Bites
August 01, 2008

Newsletter - August 2008

Essential Oil Tidbit:

Essential oils are awesome in so many ways and for so many purposes. For a great little pdf file on dealing with insects and bites using essential oils click here: Insects Bugging You?

Information on the essential oils I use

Reflexology Tidbit:

Personal story:

On my reflexology experiences website page, I tell the story of how the swelling in my cousin’s cheeks from having his wisdom teeth removed was reduced through the use of reflexology. I show a picture of the points used on the feet.

About 6 weeks ago my daughter went through the same experience of having her wisdom teeth removed. She was not nearly as swollen afterwards, but I used the same reflexology points as with my cousin and again the swelling was reduced on each side as I worked the point for each side. I started with the side that was most swollen and after about 3 minutes that side was less swollen than the other side.

Emotion Code Tidbit:

A YouTube video of Dr. Bradley Nelson talking about heart walls has been added to my Heart Wall page. Heart Walls

EFT Tidbit:

A free teleseminar class on Breakthroughs in EFT by Patricia Carrington is being offered August 2nd and 3rd. For more information and to register click here: Teleseminar Information

Wishing you all the best! I would gladly take suggestions or comments for this newsletter and what to include. Simply hit your reply to button to send comments.


Vicki Winterton

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