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Wording of Emotion Code questions, an essential oil that lifts spirits
December 01, 2008

December 2008

Welcome to my “Simply Healing Tidbits” newsletter. Please enjoy the following tidbits of information in the following areas:

**New content added or redone.

**Emotion Code – Wording of your questions is important.

**Essential Oils – What oil lifted my spirits.

**EFT – Jessica Ortner on "Your Morning on CN8"

**Energy Healing – A beginner's guide to "energy medicine".

New Content

I am excited to introduce my aStore which provides a convenient place to look up all of my recommended books and resources that are available at Amazon.

In conjunction with the aStore, I have also redone my recommended books page to make it easier to read my reviews and then connect to Amazon or whichever web business sells the item.

I have also added a page which gives my thoughts in answer to questions related to the spiritual side of all of this learning.

Emotion Code Tidbit

I have learned by experience to be thorough in asking your questions when identifying trapped emotions. Let's say you have a painful right shoulder. You could ask, "Do I have a trapped emotion in my right shoulder that I can release now?" This is a good question, but it may not cover all of the bases. A better question or one to continue on with would be, "Do I have a trapped emotion in my body causing this right shoulder pain that I can release now?" It is possible for a problem to originate elsewhere from the location of the pain.

More Emotion Code seminars are becoming available including one in Chicago. Click here for further information: Emotion Code Seminar information

Essential Oil Tidbit

One recent Sunday I was in a very negative frame of mind and struggling to pull out of it. I had gone to church, but needed to return home for some forgotten music. While home I decided I had better do something to change my negativity. I looked in my oils and chose Frankincense. I rubbed a couple of drops on my temples and the back of my neck. This was one of those times that I could tell a big difference. (Probably because I was so negative to start with that there was a bigger difference to notice.) I noticed a change right away and returned to my meetings feeling much more positive and light-hearted.

Information on the essential oils I use.

EFT Tidbit

I just barely learned that Jessica Ortner will be on "Your Morning on CN8" in the 7 a.m. hour (Eastern time, I assume) today (Monday, Dec. 1st). She will be discussing EFT and the DVD "Try it on Everything". I hope some of you receive this information in time to be able to watch. If not, then I am told that a copy of the video will become available later this week at

Energy Healing Tidbit

If you are new to energy medicine then the following link will give you a headstart in understanding what "energy medicine" is all about. Beginner's Guide

Wishing you all the best! I would gladly take suggestions or comments for this newsletter and what to include. Simply hit your "reply to" button to send comments.


Vicki Winterton

P.S. Here is the link again for the Emotion Code Seminars: Emotion Code Seminar information

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