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December 2009 Newsletter
November 30, 2009

December 2009 Issue

**Body Code System: Act immediately if you want this system!

**Emotion Code: Options for magnets

**Personal Experience: Daughter with wisdom teeth removed

**New Content: Site Map, Holiday Sales, Emotion Code Magnets

**Spinal Flush: Fight colds and flus with this technique


Body Code Healing System

The Body Code Healing System is now available. If you plan to buy it then I would say jump on it IMMEDIATELY as the price through Tuesday night is very much reduced from what it will be sold for after that.

Body Code Healing System

(The links to his site weren't working last night, so hopefully by the time you receive this newsletter the links will be working again.)

The Body Code Healing System is a system Dr. Bradley Nelson developed over many years with his practice. The Emotion Code is a very important part of the system, but the system includes other areas.

More information about the Body Code Healing System

Emotion Code

I have been asked about what magnets I use for "The Emotion Code". At this point I have not purchased a Nikken magnet. Mainly because I have not prioritized it quite yet. I believe that they are excellent because I trust Dr. Brad who recommends them. In the meanwhile, on this page are a couple of other options which I have been using. Don't laugh at my first option! Remember that I am a veterinary technician.

Magnet Options for use with "The Emotion Code"

Last Emotion Code seminar of 2009 to be held in St. George, Utah (December 4 & 5, 2009). Click here for further information: Emotion Code Seminars

Keep in mind that there is a level 1 certification that can be earned for this technique. If you decide to work to receive the certification it needs to be done within 90 days of attending a seminar.


For an example of using several techniques for one main issue, I thought I would tell about my daughter who just had four impacted wisdom teeth removed a few weeks ago.

In the morning prior to going in for the surgery she meditated so that she would be relaxed and calm. The surgery went very well and she came out of it doing great.

One of the teeth had to be removed in pieces and I suspect that it was this side of her mouth that had some swelling.

To ease the swelling, my daughter rubbed the edema spot on her foot (as mentioned and shown on this webpage: Reflexology Experiences).

For easing the pain she used tapping. It brought the pain level down although she didn't get it to completely go away.

She also used Thieves oil (essential oil blend that contains Clove amongst other oils) along her gums to help with the soreness and pain.

She was quite excited that she never did find it necessary to use a pain pill of any kind. There was no need for her to take a pill. She felt great other than a little tiredness over the first couple of days. She was out doing things with friends that first night without any problem.

New Content

Site Map

Magnet Options for Use with The Emotion Code

Holiday Gift Ideas and Sales - I will be trying to add new products and specials as they arise so you might check this page every so often.

Spinal Flush

This is a Donna Eden technique that I have really liked. When you feel a cold coming on jump right on doing this flush. It gets the lymphatic system moving so it is a great aide in detoxing. It is also very relaxing for the person on the receiving end. Be aware that certain spots can be very! tender and need to be worked longer with less pressure.

It is tougher to do, but you can also do it on yourself by reaching and working from the neck down as far as possible and then from the middle back down to the waist by reaching around as far as you can.

Spinal Flush:

The person receiving the flush needs to keep their body in a stable position. Have them either lie face down, or stand a few feet away from a wall, placing their palms on the wall and leaning forward into it for support.

1. Starting at the neck and moving down to the bottom of the spine, massage the points down both sides of the spine using your thumbs or middle fingers and applying body weight to get strong pressure. Massage each point for at least 5 seconds (more if sore).

2. Then go down the center of the spine, and massage in the space between each vertebra. Again, start at the neck and move down to the sacrum, and stay at each point at least 5 seconds. Just move the skin up and down or in a circular motion with strong pressure.

3. Repeat the first massage, starting at the neck and massaging the points down the sides of the spine.

4. Finish by sweeping the energies down their body. With open hands place your palms a few inches above their shoulders, and then sweep the energy all the way down their back, their legs and off their feet. Do this sweep two or three times.


Have a wonderful holiday season!!


P.S. Here are the links again for the following pages:

Body Code Healing System

Magnet Options for use with "The Emotion Code"

Emotion Code Seminars

Holiday Gift Ideas and Sales

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