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Personal "Emotion Code" and essential oils experiences, Thoughts affect blood
February 01, 2009

February 2009

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that 2009 is off to a great start!

Please enjoy the following stories and tidbits of information in the following areas:

**New Article Added

**Emotion Code: Personal story working with a dog.

**Essential Oils: Link to personal stories of having been bitten by a cat and having my left ear torn.

**Energy of thought: How our thoughts can affect our blood.

**Reflexology: Open clogged sinuses using this tip.

New Article

I have a newly written article that I just added: Antibiotics and Essential Oils Compared

Emotion Code Tidbit

This time I am sharing with you a personal story that I am adding to my "Emotion Code Experiences" page. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with a dog obsessed with licking his paws. He would lick his paws to the extent that his bedding would get soaking wet. It was driving the owner nuts and she was trying various sprays to keep the dog from licking.

She came over with her 5-year-old dog and after introducing her to the Emotion Code technique we went forward in working on her dog. We used the question "Do you have a trapped emotion in your body causing you to constantly lick your paws that we can release now?" We found and released a total of 10 trapped emotions contributing to this problem. The time of the emotions becoming trapped ranged from the dog's age of about 1 year old to more recent events occurring 2 months previously.

I spoke with the owner about 4 weeks after we worked with her dog. She said that initially she didn't think it had an effect, but over time she realized that the dog was improving and she said that he no longer licks. She has felt his bedding and it does not get wet and soaked like it used to. She was quite pleased to tell me this.

Seminars: Dr. Nelson has added many more Emotion Code seminars for this year. It is so exciting to see the progress being made in getting the word out about this wonderful technique! Seminars are available in St. George, Utah, Kelowna, British Columbia, Seattle, Washington, and Rhinebeck, New York with other possible upcoming seminars in New York, New York, London, England, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Australia. Click here for further information: Emotion Code Seminar information

Keep in mind that there is a level 1 certification that can be earned for this technique. If you decide to work to receive the certification it needs to be done within 90 days of attending a seminar.

Essential Oil Tidbit

I have written my personal cat bite story and about the time I tore my ear, but I will just give you the link to my new page as the stories are a little long to include here. Essential Oil Experiences

Information on the essential oils I use.

Thought Energy Tidbit

Ever wondered how much your hateful thoughts affect others and yourself? If you have not seen these videos then I urge you to do so now. Rebecca Marina arranged an experiment which shows how our thoughts literally affect our blood cells.

Thoughts Are Real - Segment 1

Thoughts Are Real - Segment 2

Reflexology Tidbit

Sinus infections is not something I suffer with, but I know a lot of people who do. I came across this tidbit in a "Prevention" magazine and thought it would be great to pass on. I, of course, have not had the opportunity of trying it out so I would love to know if it works for any of you.

A great way to open clogged sinuses without the use of drugs or inhalers: Simply rub the "Yingxiang" acupressure point at the base of your intraorbital nerve. ("Where might that be?" you say.) Place your index finger on either side of your nose, right next to each nostril. Press and rub the spot for 30 seconds. Doing this is said to clear your sinus cavity for up to an hour.

If you are not aware of this, I do have a page of excellent ideas on dealing with sinus infections.

Sinus Infection Help

I hope that 2009 is an awesome year for each of you!

I would gladly take suggestions or comments for this newsletter and what to include. Simply hit your "reply to" button to send comments.


Vicki Winterton

P.S. Here is the link again for the Emotion Code Seminars: Emotion Code Seminar information

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