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Review of Emotion Code Seminar, repress the appetite with this reflex point
October 01, 2008

October 2008

Welcome to my “Simply Healing Tidbits” newsletter. I am excited to share the following tidbits of information with you in the following areas.

**Emotion Code – My experience attending a seminar taught by the author.

**Reflexology – Rub this point to repress the appetite

**Essential Oils – What oil blend we used to calm my husband’s cough and respiratory system.

**EFT – Watch this free video for clearing beliefs preventing you from achieving a goal.

**Energy Healing – A new book available by Donna Eden

Emotion Code Tidbit

I am quite excited to tell you about the Emotion Code seminar that I attended this past Friday and Saturday. What a wonderful experience it was! I felt fortunate in that I only had to drive for 4 ¼ hours to be able to attend in St. George, UT. Out of the 12 to 15 of us that were there for each session most were from out of state and even one man from Canada. I would say that all felt it was an excellent seminar.

In attending I solidified what I already knew from the book and gained some additional pointers. We were a small enough group that we were able to ask many questions and clarify areas we were confused about.

We watched as Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of the book “The Emotion Code,” worked with individuals in our group. He would demonstrate the releasing of one trapped emotion usually associated with pain and each individual noticed either a subtle change or a reduction in pain.

We learned of the importance of releasing our heart walls. This alone has the potential to affect people’s lives dramatically.

I would highly recommend attending this seminar especially if you are brand new to “The Emotion Code” as it will really jump start you in using it. I am guessing that as word gets out more about this technique the attendance will increase and there will be much larger groups than the one I attended so if at all possible I would recommend going right away. Seminars are scheduled in November and in December.

Emotion Code Seminar information

Reflexology Tidbit

To aid in suppressing the appetite work the area above the center of the lip under the nose. Using your index finger or middle finger press with a rotating motion for about ten counts. Repeat this three or four times. This tip was taken from Reflexology for Every Body by Mildred Carter and Tammy Weber.

Essential Oil Tidbit

The following testimonial is one that I posted to my essential oil Yahoo group. About a week later another member of the group posted the following response. “Thank you so much for this testimony!!!” Apparently someone else also found this to be very helpful. Here it is:

"A few months ago my husband had bronchitis and was coughing a lot. One night, in desperation as he was keeping me awake, I reached into my oils and happened to grab Inspiration. (This truly was an inspiration. ) I had him put two or three drops on a kleenex and told him to inhale and see if it helped. Wow, did it ever!! It calmed his respiratory system down almost immediately. I was actually quite amazed at just how much effect it had. It worked better than Cedarwood, R.C., or Sacred Mountain for coughing. I have since had two other people for whom Inspiration helped in a similar manner. It helps to just keep the kleenex with the oil on it close by all night long. I would assume that diffusing it would be great as well."

Inspiration oil blend contains the following single oils: Frankincense, Cedarwood, Spruce, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Myrtle, and Mugwort.

Information on the essential oils I use

EFT Tidbit

Try tapping along with this free video to experience EFT and to release blocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals. Use this several times a day if possible.

Free Video

Energy Healing Tidbit

Donna Eden, top energy medicine expert, tells about her new book Energy Medicine for Women in this YouTube video. I have viewed this book and I am excited to get it soon. Donna Eden telling about her new book.

You can't go wrong with any of Donna Eden's books. They are that good!

Click here to buy Energy Medicine For Women

Wishing you all the best! I would gladly take suggestions or comments for this newsletter and what to include. Simply hit your reply to button to send comments.


Vicki Winterton

P.S. Here is the link again for the Emotion Code Seminars: Emotion Code Seminar information

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