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Allergies and Sensitivities, Muscle Testing, and a "Best Buy"
October 01, 2009

Allergies and Sensitivities, Muscle Testing, Free eBook on Fear, and a "Best Buy"
October 2009 Issue

**A "Best Buy"

**Valuable Free EBook

**Emotion Code: Allergy Eliminated

**New Content: Allergies, Sensitivities, Muscle Testing

**EFT: Argument Tapping


Best Buy

Wow! I have an awesome "Best Buy" to share with you. I just bought this for myself and I love it! Brad Yates has become a real favorite of mine for tapping resources. For $7.00 you can purchase his Big Book of Tapping Scripts which gives you, as he puts it, "101 Life-Enhancing, Fear-Smashing, Mind/Body-Healing, Abundance-Attracting, And Joy-Inspiring Rounds of EFT." That's only 7 cents a script!!

Go to "Products" once you click here: Brad Yates "Tapping Scripts Book"

Here is a sampling of some of the script titles:

It Needs to be Hard to Make Money
I'm Depriving Myself
I'm Allowing Myself to Succeed
I have this Constricted Breathing
I Still have these Abundance Doubts
I Hate Taking Responsibility for my Life
I don't want to Succeed
It's not Safe to be Magnificent

You can also access free posters, a recording, and a guided imagery. Click the below link and then go to "products." The Tapping Scripts Book is near the top and the free stuff is near the bottom.

Brad Yates "Tapping Scripts Book"

Valuable Free Ebook

Visit the link below to access the brand new ebook for Free! - 22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear Into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration.

Transform Your Fear!

This transformational ebook took 6 months to develop, and is crammed full of useful ideas, tips, exercises, articles, videos, audios and much more, to help you live a life free from fear.

Fear is one of the most common reasons that people hold back on living the life of their dreams. Fear can seriously hinder us. This ebook discusses the different kinds of fears we may have and then gives 22 tried and true methods for transforming our fears including EFT and energy medicine techniques.

This is a well-written book with many useful ideas. There is also the option to go more in depth into freeing yourself from fear by purchasing a "Free from Fear" program should you so choose.

For full details, please visit here now - Transform Your Fear!

Emotion Code: Allergy Eliminated

In the summer of 2008 on a Friday afternoon I worked with a friend who had been identified as having over 100 allergies. This was our first time working on an allergy. We chose to work on her allergy to grass which was quite a problem for her as you can imagine.

She was getting ready to leave for the week-end so we were rushed for time, but we quickly identified and released six trapped emotions underlying this allergy. We had to quit at that point even though we knew there were more (answer received through muscle testing) trapped emotions to release.

Interestingly enough, over the week-end my friend could tell a difference in her responses to grass. There was a definite lessening of symptoms although they were not entirely gone.

The following Tuesday we again worked on my friend and found five more trapped emotions underlying her grass allergy which we released.

Since that time grass has become a non-issue for my friend. She is able to walk barefooted through grass without a problem. Just the other day, she raised her hands high saying, "Yahoo! I walked through grass recently and I had no problems!"

We both know that it had to be a result of "The Emotion Code". She had been plagued by this allergy for many years.

Upcoming seminars to be held in Cleveland, Ohio (October 9 & 10, 2009), Australia(November 13 & 14, 2009 and again November 20 & 21, 2009), and St. George, Utah (December 4 & 5, 2009). Click here for further information: Emotion Code Seminars

Keep in mind that there is a level 1 certification that can be earned for this technique. If you decide to work to receive the certification it needs to be done within 90 days of attending a seminar.

New Content

I decided to tackle the subject allergies. That subject led into sensitivities and then types of sensitivities and then intolerances and on it went. This was a much more complicated topic than I thought it would be. Anyway, here is what I came up with for content.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Common Allergies

Chemical Sensitivities

Common Food Sensitivities

Muscle Testing Magic


A technique called "Argument Tapping" has been added to the Quick-reference Guide. This technique is not new, but if you are not familiar with this technique or the quick-reference guide, please take a look as it has a brief overview of many useful ways to use tapping.


Enjoy the free stuff and - Happy Tapping and Muscle Testing!!


P.S. Here are the links again for the following pages:

Go to "Products" once you click here: Brad Yates "Tapping Scripts Book"

Allergies and Sensitivities

Common Allergies

Food Sensitivities

Chemical Sensitivities

Muscle Testing Magic

Quick-reference Guide

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