The Importance of Maintaining Your Auric Field

The auric field is a multi-layered sphere of energy that surrounds your body. The aura serves as a protection. It shifts in size with changes in thoughts or mood. During sad, despondent, ill, or negative times the aura shrinks inward. An aura can be expanded through positive thoughts and various energy techniques.

Donna Eden (author of Energy Medicine), a delightful teacher and one who is able to see and feel auras, instructs us as to the importance of maintaining a strong aura.  Donna also demonstrates how to muscle-test for how far an aura expands as well as gives us energy techniques to correct problems.  (Unfortunately, that video is no longer available, but her book is a wonderful resource!)

Maintaining a strong auric field is important for our physical health. Releasing emotional baggage helps to correct tears, holes and disturbances within this field. Daily energy techniques as shown in this second video with Donna Eden also serve to seal our auras, keeping us protected and strong.

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