The Whys and Wherefores of Avoiding
Emotional Healing

One might wonder why anyone would want to avoid healing the emotional scars of life. Wouldn't healing of any kind be the best thing? Surprisingly, there are several reasons why a person might not want to heal emotionally and physically. These may or may not be subconscious reasons. It helps to become aware of the possibilities so that we "discover the enemy within."

Why We Avoid Healing Emotionally

The biggest reason that a person may want to avoid emotional healing is simply that -  a person does not want to face their past. The past can be a loaded subject. There is an inner voice saying, "Avoid feeling the emotions from the past at all costs." Not wanting to face the past includes the following possibilities.

  • Fear of bringing up hurt and pain - There may be very hurtful incidents in one's past. A person may feel that remembering the pain will overwhelm them.

  • Not wanting to take responsibility for one's actions - It is much easier to place blame elsewhere than to actually admit that you may have had a part in creating a problem.

  • An unwillingness to forgive others - There may be a part of us feeling justified in holding on to anger or a grudge. "That person does not deserve my forgiveness!" 
  • An unwillingness to forgive one's self - "I did something so bad that I can never be forgiven."

Why Heal Emotionally?

A person may feel that to face the past would be too painful. My feeling is that the ongoing effort to keep the pain from surfacing and the energy required to deal with the experiences that are being attracted into one's life by not dealing with the past are far worse than the temporary pain that would be felt in tackling the past head on and neutralizing it. One may feel that suppression is an easier way to cope when in reality it is much more difficult and often causes a lot of misery with it.

I have learned that there is a huge chasm between a person saying that they want to do something about their life and then actually putting forth the effort of doing something about it. Yes, it requires moving out of your comfort zone. Is it worth it?  A resounding YES!  Why stay stuck in misery?

How Can I Heal?

Schedule a session.  I pull from all modalities I have been certified in or trained in.  I have learned to get to the core issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Try out the introductory offer to see what it is like.  There's no time like the present!

What a Session is Like

Schedule a session now

The healing modalities of The Emotion Code, EFT /TappingThe Healing CodePure, Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils Reflexology and  The ZPoint Process amongst many modalities give us a way to release ourselves of these emotional and physical prisons we put ourselves in. They allow us to free ourselves from the past and the negativity holding us back. The doors open for us to enter into our full potential. Go ahead.  Make the effort to open those doors now.

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Why We May Not Want to Heal

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