Body Code Helps in a Variety of Ways

by TA
(Utah, USA)

My first experience with The Emotion Code was two years ago. My baby was three months old and I had had several bouts of mastitis. I didn't want to quit nursing and was trying everything to get it better. My aunt used The Emotion Code. She test me for the trapped emotion that was contributing to the mastitis. It was "unsupported". She released the emotion and told me to remind myself that I was supported and loved. The mastitis disappeared and never returned.

About 8 months later I met Vicki, who practiced The Emotion Code and The Body Code. At the time I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain. Chiropractic visits did not seem to help much. She began working with me and after just one visit I felt relief. I continued to visit Vicki and I continued to feel relief of the lower back pain. She also was able to work with my daughters and husband. One time she was working on my husband through me. He had had a really bad headache for several days. As she was working on him the headache disappeared. I called him and asked him how he was feeling and he replied that the headache was gone.

Another time my baby was very sick. She was lethargic and just needed to be held. I called Vicki and asked her to work on my baby. About the same time that Vicki was working on her, my baby wanted out of my arms and wanted to be on the floor playing. One thing that was very interesting was that my baby had picked up an emotion from someone who was staying at my house and that was part of why she wasn't feeling well.

The Body Code is very helpful because it addresses issues besides emotions. Many times I would go to Vicki with a problem and the answer would be that I had a parasite. Two other natural health practitioners also said that I tested for a parasite. I took nutritional supplements to address that parasite and the problems have cleared up. I would recommend The Emotion Code and The Body Code to anyone interested in finding alternative ways to heal.

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