Body Code System Webinar Continued

The fifth video starts another session with a woman who has pain in her upper back. Observe as Dr. Nelson releases the physical trauma trapped in her body and how it starts to have its effect on her physically just by releasing the one thing. She also has an imbalance in the pericardium meridian due to a "will to die". That energy is released and there is another point reduction in pain level.

In video six Dr. Nelson relates how and why he came to create the Body Code Healing System. He previews several of the charts from the system and what is included in the package deal.

Video seven includes a session working with a woman with hyperthyroid troubles. An imbalance shows up and this imbalance is due to "psychic trauma". Dr. Nelson also begins another session with a woman who has a feeling like she has a needle sticking in her urethra. She has also had kidney stone troubles in the past.

Video eight is very brief and concludes the session started on video seven.

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