Body Code System Webinar

The following videos are of an actual Body Code System webinar introducing this healing modality and demonstrating how it is used. This webinar was done on 12-18-09.

Watching the webinar and Dr. Nelson working with people really gives an idea of how versatile this system truly is. It is phenomenal!

This first video includes an introduction of the Body Code Healing System and where it came from. It also includes discussions on the following topics; Kirlian photography, the conscious versus the subconscious, and western medicine's approach to health care.

The second video continues the discussion on western medicine's approach to healthcare. The 6 types of imbalances that lead to disease are also introduced on this video. The charts shown are actual charts that are a part of the Body Code system. Dr. Nelson also discusses specific pains and their associated organs and begins a discussion on trapped emotions.

In the third video Dr. Nelson finishes the discussion on trapped emotions and explains proxy testing. He gives an overview of the Body Code Healing System and what is included in the system. He then starts an actual session working with a woman who has back pain.

The fourth video finishes with the session begun on video three and then moves into another session with someone else who has shoulder pain.

To continue with the webinar and more demonstrations of Dr. Bradley Nelson working with people click here: Body Code System Webinar Continued

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