Bone Spurs Be Gone

Bone spurs are one of those conditions that can really irritate or... be downright painful. Cheer up! There are things that can be done. Look closely at the following ideas and give one or more a shot. You may be pleasantly surprised!

What are Bone Spurs?

Bone spurs are pointy growths of calcium on a bone. When the body is deficient of calcium it may begin to leach calcium from the bone in a weakened area of the body thereby forming a pointy growth. They most often form in joints of the body although it is possible for them to form elsewhere.

Heel bone spurs are closely interconnected to the condition known as plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the fibrous band of tissue connecting your heel bone to the base of your toes.)

Possible Emotional Causes

I did not find anything about underlying emotional causes directly related to bone spurs. I found bone-related emotional causes, but nothing specific to spurs. As for bone issues, see if something here applies:

    Issues relating to mental pressures and tightness.
    Hesitancy with regard to goals and purposes.
    Internal self-punishment.

Bone Spurs and "The Emotion Code"

Questions which could be asked would be:

"Do I have a trapped emotion which caused this bone spur to form?"
"Do I have a trapped emotion contributing to these bone spurs?"

What is "The Emotion Code?"

Essential Oils and Bone Spurs

The best information I have for dealing with bone spurs is in using therapeutic-grade essential oils. The oil blend that I see most often being used is a blend called R.C.

Many people, including a friend that I know personally, have had just that one blend, when applied topically on the painful area over many days or weeks, dissolve the spurs. If that alone doesn’t work then I have seen that someone added Idaho Balsam Fir as well because of its natural cortisone-like action. Between the two it dissolved the spur.

Testimonial using R.C. and Idaho Balsam Fir

Other Testimonials using Essential Oils for Bone Spurs

If you would like more information about the essential oils that I use please click here: Essential Oils You Can Trust.


In the book Reflexology For Every Body by Joan Cosway-Hayes with Judy Law it advises on page 118: “To help the skeletal system function better, work the entire foot. ….. Go to specific reflex area to affect specific bones. ….. For bone calcium levels, work parathyroids.”

Refer to the reflexology page for information on reflex points and foot charts.

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