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I have hesitated to write a page on cancer because of my lack of actual experience and because cancer can be so comprehensive. Although I have not personally dealt with cancer, it has affected me through my husband who was diagnosed with lymphoma in March of 2008. (He is doing extremely well, by the way.) Because of that, I have read and studied cancer in new ways and I came across a few gems I would like to share. 

First Gem

The first "gem" that I want to share and is probably my first recommendation for anyone (and their family) who has come face to face with cancer, is the book Love, Medicine and Miracles: Lessons Learned about Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience with Exceptional Patients by Bernie Siegel. The insights he gives are absolutely priceless! 

"The physician's habitual prognosis of how much time a patient has left is a terrible mistake. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy."~Dr. Bernie Siegel~

Dr. Siegel is clear in saying that each individual has a choice in fighting cancer and winning (or at least prolonging one's life) or succumbing. A person's mental attitude has much to do with the outcome. He explores this idea in depth. 

Dr. Siegel also refers to a patient's ability to influence side effects. Often, a positive expectation can affect the outcome.

He takes a very common sense approach in encouraging his patients to consider all kinds of therapies and to choose one or two that a person strongly believes in as one's personal belief will affect the outcome. 

Dr. Siegel's book is plain right out an offering of hope in an often dreaded and feared world - that of "cancer". The ideas he presents are easily applied to other illnesses as well. 

Second Gem

The second gem is the work of a German doctor by the name of Dr. Hamer. Dr. Hamer is the originator of The German New Medicine. (More information here: The German New Medicine

After extensive research of thousands of cases, Dr. Hamer concluded that cancer is frequently (his conclusions were 100% of the time) triggered by an emotional shock for which a person is totally unprepared. What is exciting about this is the idea that if one's feelings have created the cancer then changing one's feelings can contribute greatly to healing the cancer. 

Third Gem

The third gem is an insight that came to me as a result of reading Dr. Hamer's work. Although I am well familiar with "The Emotion Code," I was nevertheless at a loss as to how to apply the technique to something so comprehensive as cancer. 

After reading Dr. Hamer's work, I realized that it gave a specific direction in which to use The Emotion Code. If a cancer truly has been triggered by an event or incident that was an emotional shock to the person and that a person was completely unprepared for (and I believe Dr. Hamer is correct), then the natural "Emotion Code" question to ask is ....., "Do I have a trapped emotion in my body from the event or circumstance that triggered the formation of this _____ cancer that I can release now?" There may be a need to re-word this question a bit, but you get the idea. 

To me this feels like hitting the nail squarely on the head. I used this with my husband and felt really good about it. The trapped emotions that came up seemed to be very fitting. 

Do I know what effect it had for sure? No, I don't. He did very well with chemo. He may very well have had the exact same long-term outcome. I have no way of knowing, but at least I was doing everything I could think of to help out. 

Fourth Gem

The fourth gem is the value of "EFT/Tapping." EFT is invaluable in combating discouragement and side effects and it may have the potential to diminish the cancer. It can also help in reducing fear and anger which are also common feelings associated with cancer especially when facing surgery or treatments. 

Read this powerful story about a woman who recovered from pancreatic cancer through EFT. Persistent EFT for an angry pancreas results in disappearance of a cancerous mass - one year later she is still clear 

How about another story? All signs of kidney cancer vanish after 4 hours of EFT 

And another beautiful story? Stage 4 Cancer Disappears 

Here is an article for applying EFT for chemotherapy side effects. The list goes on and on for what EFT and tapping can help with.

Fifth Gem

Ningxia Red is my fifth gem. We believe my husband's drinking this juice made a huge difference in building his immune system and keeping him well. It also increased his energy. He would eat dried wolfberries (which are the main ingredient of Ningxia Red) as well and, at least one time in particular, he noticed increased energy about 15 minutes later. Ningxia Red is a fabulous drink!! 

Information on Ningxia Red is available here: Ningxia Red 

Ningxia Red and Ningxia Wolfberries are available through Young Living. Instructions for ordering are here: Order Ningxia Red and Wolfberries

Natural Approach

Should you choose to explore a more natural approach, consider the following resources:

Beating Cancer Gently

Healing Cancer Naturally

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Disclaimer:  The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease.  The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Please consult with a licensed health care practitioner if you are dealing with a serious disease or illness.

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