What I Wish I had Known About Ear Infections
When My Children Were Young

Ear infections tend to be a common problem in babies and young children. It is a very frustrating problem to deal with as a pareant as you are not sure if that is really what is going on or if it is something else like a new tooth coming in.  Like you, I was left with two choices.

  1. Go to the doctor right away hoping that I was correct in thinking that the ears were causing the problem.
  2. Wait it out with a fussy baby trying to make certain that the ear or ears truly are infected first before going to the doctor.

Sometimes it was extremely difficult to know at what point to go to the doctor in particular when a weekend was near.  What a dilemma!  Especially if money was particularly tight right then.

If I went to the doctor and the baby did not have infected ears then I was out the cost of the appointment although I did have peace of mind that ear infection was not the reason for the baby'’s irritability.

If I was quite certain it was an ear infection, I still had to go to the doctor in order to get the antibiotics prescribed.

I have since learned that there are other possibilities available.  These are the things I wish I had known and had on hand when my children had ear infections.

Ear Exam of Young Girl

Home Otoscope

I wish that I had owned a home otoscope like the Dr. Mom otoscope, so that I would have been able to tell for sure if a child had an ear infection or not. I now have one that I have used several times looking for infections in ears or to see if an ear is full of wax. It takes some practice so don'’t expect to understand immediately what you are seeing. Looking in several “normal” ears first helps in knowing what to compare against.

Essential Oils and Ear Infections

I certainly wish that I had known about therapeutic-grade essential oils.  Young Living oils are the oils that I know and trust.  Young Living has taught me much about the exceptional uses of top-quality essential oils.  The blends mentioned below are specific to Young Living.

Mentioned by others and also what I personally have found to work well for ear infections is the oil blend of Melrose alternated with the oil blend of Purification. It can be applied by rubbing a drop or two at the entrance to the ear canal only as far as the finger reaches into the ear and also rubbed behind the ear. Never drop oil directly into the ear canal.

For children the bottom of the feet is an O.K. place to apply oils. Diluting them with vegetable oil is highly recommended when using them elsewhere.

Other oils I have seen mentioned as being beneficial are Lavender (many testimonials with this one), Exodus II, Believe and Grapefruit.

Someone else I read about applied Oregano and Clove on the Vita-Flex points and worked them in.

For fluid in the ears that is hard to get rid of, Melrose seems to be the one that has helped many times. People have placed 1 to 2 drops of oil on a small piece of cotton and then let it rest just inside the ear.

Also mentioned as having been used for fluid in the ears are Thieves and Peppermint.

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For more information on these fabulous oils I use, please click here: Essential Oils You Can Trust


I also wish that I had known about reflexology. What a great technique to have been able to use with my little ones!   Any of the above mentioned oils would also be good to use while rubbing the feet using reflexology techniques or Vita-Flex Technique.

In this chart the dark blue areas are the primary areas to work for the ears. The lighter blue shows the secondary areas to work.

It is important to watch a person'’s face while working on them as reflex points at times can be surprisingly tender and painful when worked. You will be able to tell when you hit a tender spot and when you need to lighten the pressure by watching the person’'s face expressions.

I hope that this information serves you well. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Good luck!

Vicki Winterton

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