Emotional Energy Materializes Dreams

Just as negative emotional energy creates problems in our lives (and begs to be taken care of ASAP) so can positive emotional energy create good in our lives (and we desire that ASAP). We can use the driving force of emotional energy to create the life of our dreams.

Clear the Negative to Make Way for the Positive

Clearing the negative is a highly important step in creating your dream life. The negative comes back to haunt you if it is not cleared out.  

There is a road in the area where I live going down a nearby canyon. The road crosses over a fault line. Every year it becomes necessary for new pavement to be laid over the rough areas that form because of the disturbances in the earth beneath.

Although in this scenario it is not possible to take care of the disturbances beneath, in our own lives we can. When we clear the disturbances inside of us then we can lay down new pavement that will last without being disrupted again and again by what lies beneath.

My recommended ways for clearing the disturbances are in using The Emotion Code and EFT. These are the simplest and best methods I know of at this time.

Engage Your Emotions

Engaging your emotions into your creative dreaming provides the “umph” and energy needed to bring about in the physical that which you desire in the mental. As you imagine the life that you want – feel the excitement of success in achieving your goals.

Christopher Westra: “Any thought consistently held with emotion will seek to manifest itself in the material world.”

"Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life's coming attractions." -Albert Einstein, physicist

Drive Your Dreams to Fulfillment

Christopher Westra’s book: I Create Reality

I have subscribed to Christopher Westra’s newsletter for many months now and have been impressed with his vision and his integrity. He provides many resources for improving one’s life and I highly recommend his book I Create Reality (also available as an e-book) as a guide for driving your dreams to fulfillment through the process of HoloCreation that he has developed.

The book very clearly leads you through specific steps to create in your mind that which you desire. He suggests ideas for areas in which to set goals or dreams. He provides a “HoloCreation Sheet” which you can print and fill out daily to assist in focusing on that which you truly want. His book I Create Reality is a wonderful help!

As I looked back on a HoloCreation sheet I filled out some time ago, I realized that the goal I had written had been realized even though I had not been spending daily time on it.

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