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There are many, many emotional healing techniques or clearing techniques that have been developed by individuals specifically for releasing the emotional baggage we all carry.  It is important for us to find those methods which we are attracted to and put them to good use. In our day and age there is a huge need for people to heal emotionally.

As I have studied various methods, I have increasingly found myself drawn to those self-help healing techniques which require little knowledge initially while still being safe, easy to use, and highly effective. With a few guidelines and a little bit of knowledge these techniques can be used immediately. Learning is gained as one uses them. They are also quite fun to use and much enjoyment is received in experimenting with them and gaining knowledge about them.

These methods are the simplest emotional clearing techniques that I am aware of at this time. Although there are many practitioners using various wonderful techniques (e.g. Theta Healing, Reiki) that could and likely should be considered with very challenging issues, the following techniques are ones that can be learned and used by yourself or with a friend in a relatively short time. Each one is truly awesome!

Emotional Healing Techniques

  • The Emotion Code: This technique is designed to find, through muscle testing and a chart, a specific emotion trapped in your body. You are free to find out more about the origins of this emotion if you choose (when it became trapped, where in the body it is trapped, what caused it, etc). You then release the trapped emotion by running a magnet 3 times along the Governing Meridian starting at the bridge of the nose, going up and over the top of the head and down the spine.  
  • Body Code Healing System - A comprehensive healing system which includes "The Emotion Code". This one is for those who want to take self-help a step further and are willing to put forth more effort and money.

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): A very versatile tapping technique where you tap with your fingertips on points located on the face and body which coincide with the different energy meridians of the body. Tapping is done while you say statements and/or reminder phrases.  The tapping corrects the imbalances within the meridians. This technique is probably the most well-known energy healing technique out there.
  • The Healing Code and/or The Healing Codes - A classic one-of-a-kind system for healing using either one "universal code" or a more directed system of several "codes." This system uses four healing centers located on the face and neck and holding your hands and fingers such that you activate those centers for healing.
  • Pure, Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils – Learn the power of essential oils distilled from plants and trees. Enjoy and have fun trying them out for many different reasons both physical and emotional. 
  • ZPoint Process - This is a powerful method for clearing negative emotions and feelings that anyone can do right away.  A paragraph is read giving instructions to the sub-conscious mind as to what to do when a cue word is said.  Statements are then said.  After each statement is said you repeat the cue word several times.  A great way for feelings to be lumped together and cleared at one time.
  • Karol Truman Script: "The script" comes from Karol Truman's book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. She has a written script that can be memorized and used for anything you choose to process by filling in the blanks. A laminated script card and a reference guide are available from her Healing Feelings website.

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The Need to Heal Emotional Baggage

Disclaimer:  The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease.  The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Please consult with a licensed health care practitioner if you are dealing with a serious disease or illness.

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