Why Choose Young Living
Essential Oils?

Reasons why I buy Young Living Essential Oils over oils from other companies:

  • Although I believe that there are finally beginning to be more companies with higher quality oils, which is awesome, I am not aware of any company that has the high standards of Young Living across the board. I know the integrity of Young Living. I know of the, what some people would call, “fanatical” efforts of Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, to maintain high quality.

  • I have heard others, who truly have a highly developed sense of smell (I, unfortunately, do not), say that although they have smelled other oils and some have been quite good, they have not found that to be consistently true about all oils coming from the same company like they find with Young Living.

    I did have a friend who, when she first smelled the oils, she immediately said with delight and amazement, “Oh, I can tell the difference!” She had been using other oils for quite some time.

  • Young Living has been very big on educating their people about using the oils and encouraging their members to share that learning with others. It is not all about making money. The company is very much about educating. I am very grateful for the education I have received through the company.

  • Young Living has been very careful not to put down by name any other companies. I may have heard some specifics from individuals, but I cannot remember the company ever doing so. They may compare products, but not in a derogatory manner. It is important to me that they do not slam others.

  • It is also important to me to know the close relationship the founder, Gary Young, has had with a divine creator as he has learned about the oils, and how to distill them and how to formulate the Young Living essential oil blends. To hear him speak is to know that he relies very much on the spirit sent from a very aware Heavenly Father.

  • Young Living is a highly progressive, front-leading company. Anyone who has been with the company for even a short time will come to that realization. Young Living definitely sets the standard. Gary Young spends a good share of his time researching new plants, their oils, what benefits may be realized through their chemical constituents and the possibilities of distilling them for use. He has also led out in building a research clinic.

  • It makes sense to me that a loving Father in Heaven would provide on this earth that which we need to heal our bodies. I love how this company believes that and is taking the steps to learn how to use these wonderful and amazing essential oils.

Dr. David Stewart has written a couple of well-thought-out articles that I also refer you to should you desire another opinion.

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Young Living vs other brands of oils

Our Oils are just as Good as YLEO, only Cheaper

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