Minerals Deserve High Accolades

Minerals are necessary for the basic functions of life. They help with proper fluid balance, nerve transmission, muscle contraction and relaxation, and bone health just to name a few. Whether minerals be serving as a major part of a function or as a critical co-factor for a function to work they most certainly are necessary. As such a critical necessity for health they deserve high accolades for all that they do in the body. And much higher praises go to the God who created them.

How Many Minerals Does the Body Need?

How many minerals the body needs is a good question. Most information I have come across refers to around 16 essential minerals. The macrominerals being calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride, and sulfur and the microminerals or trace minerals varying in number usually including iron, zinc, copper, iodine, fluoride, chromium, cobalt, selenium, manganese, and/or molybdenum.

Here is the big "What if." If every mineral is needed in the body and being deficient in even one trace mineral can cause problems, what if we are missing some of the "essential" trace minerals needed? What if there are actually more like 50 trace minerals that the body needs? What if we are not getting through our diet all of the minerals needed as co-factors for many of our body system functions? Or a sufficient quantity of what is needed?

According to Dr. Joel Wallach, author of Dead Doctors Don't Lie, our bodies need 60 essential minerals. Why believe him? With his humongous background of research into pathological diseases and nutrition and having performed 17,500 autopsies on animals of 454 different species and 3000 human autopsies in addition, I tend to think he might know what he is talking about.

Plant-Derived Minerals

A place where you can get a full range of plant-derived minerals in one product and at a very reasonable price is through the amazing company Youngevity. Youngevity has many outstanding nutritional products.

If possible, it is best to give your body a full range of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids (Healthy Body Pak), but if cost is an issue then by all means just get the plant-derived minerals. This is a very easy, cost-efficient way to catapult your body's health forward and just see what it will do for you.

Here is the link. Choosing a 4-pak saves a little per bottle: Plant-Derived Minerals

Please contact me if you have questions:  Contact

Mine Tour

Take a video tour of the mine where these minerals come from. I have been to this mine and to these facilities with these people. Very cool!

How many companies do you know of that have 60 minerals in their supplements? How many companies have minerals from plant-derived humic shale?

Many of these minerals are not known as to what the actual effect is in the body, but they are important none-the-less. 

High-fives and high accolades to the great and amazing minerals that do so much for our bodies.

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