Muscle Testing Magic

If you have never seen muscle testing or had it done to you, you may think it looks like magic. It is actually quite scientific in that it is just working with the body's energy.

Muscle testing, also referred to as energy testing, is a way to use the body's energy to give feedback. There are ways to test on another person and there are ways to self-test.

Muscle Testing Another Person

Probably the best way to learn is to see the process actually being done.  In the video below, Dr. Bradley Nelson introduces us to the basics of muscle testing on someone else.

Dr. Nelson has a really good free muscle testing guide you can learn from by going here:  Free Muscle Testing Guide

You do need to understand that muscle testing takes a bit of practice to become confident in using it. It is affected by your thoughts so one of the hardest things is to "get yourself out of the way." I have found that the book that gives the simplest way to learn several methods of muscle testing is Dr. Nelson's book, The Emotion Code.

Using the Emotion code itself is one of the easiest ways to learn because it is easy to "get out of the way". You are testing for "A" or "B" and "odd" or "even". Using the Emotion Code has improved my testing ability.

Try out these muscle testing tips for additional help with learning to test.

Simple Way to Self-Muscle-Test

This method is usually the easiest for someone new to this whole idea.

"Stand and Sway" Method:

Stand in a relaxed manner with your feet about shoulder width apart and keeping your knees relaxed. Hold a substance (sugar is a good one to start with) in front of your navel. Ask, "Is this good for my body?" If you sway backward, the answer is "NO" and if you sway forward, the answer is "YES." You can also do this using supplements, chocolate, dairy products, etc. You can see pictures demonstrating the swaying idea by going to Dr. Nelson's ´╗┐flickr´╗┐ page.

Although usually one of the easiest methods, it is generally quite slow, so consider trying out my favorite methods of self-testing or these additional methods.

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