Nutrition - What You are Missing Will
or Already has Hurt You

An area that has been largely ignored by the mainstream medical establishment is the essential role that nutrition plays in staying healthy and in healing.  Your inner gut probably tells you that nutrition is important, yet today's cultural society seems to purposefully downplay the role of nutrition in our health.  Just take "this drug" or "that drug" and "you will be fine" seems to be the resounding cry.

Admittedly, it is enticing to believe that there is a cure-all pill for whatever ails you.  How easy that would be.  Many times that seems to be found with a pharmaceutical drug.  The problem is that every pharmaceutical drug has side effects.  Your body may be able to deal well with those effects short-term, but long-term they cause problems. 

Nutritional knowledge is key in helping with the long-term.  What you are missing in your nutrition will or already has hurt you.  It's time to take responsibility for your own health by learning and applying nutritional knowledge.  Don't give your responsibility away to those "pills."

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Nutrition Confusion

If you feel as confused as I have felt about nutrition, vitamins, minerals (and healthcare in general) - then know that you are not alone.  The hard part is in finding and knowing what the truth really is. Healthcare, at least in the United States, has become increasingly concerning and controversial.  How do we find great, solid information about what our bodies need and how to take care of them?

Because of all the controversy and the conflicting "scientific studies" it is important that you do your own research and pay attention to your own gut feelings and common sense.  There will be resources given here, but please listen, study, pray and come to your own conclusions as to what is truth. 

Don't take this to mean that I believe there is never a need for pharmaceutical drugs.  Antibiotics saved my father's life many times in his last several years of life.  What you do is for you to decide.  What I do believe is that there may be other options nutritionally in many situations where the knowledge just needs to be learned and applied.

Who to Listen to

There are many voices out there to listen to.  Think closely about who you pay attention to.  I believe it is those who have put in the time and studied and researched and practiced who are the ones who deserve our attention.

If you were wanting to learn to build pianos would you listen to someone who has learned the parts of a piano and how they may fit together or would you go to someone who has actually built pianos, learned what materials work best for the different parts of the piano, plays the piano, etc.?

So many people listen to doctors who have very little training in nutrition unless they have pursued the learning on their own.  Doctors receive very little training on nutritional health in their schooling.  Why would we put our trust about nutrition in someone who knows so little?

One Who has Put Forth Great Effort to Find and Share Nutritional Truth

One who has impressed me greatly because of his background, training, and research is Dr. Joel Wallach, author of Dead Doctors Don't Lie and other books. The amount of time he has spent with regards to nutrition is phenomenal.  He may have put in more time than anyone in history with regards to the nutritional effects of nutrient deficiency on the body.  

I say that because of his background as a veterinarian having worked with over 400 species of animals as well as his work with humans as a naturopathic doctor.  He has done thousands of autopsies relating nutritional deficiencies to reasons for death.  He knows his stuff. 

I won't go so far as to say that I think he is 100% accurate on everything and I believe he neglects the emotional aspect, but nonetheless there is a huge amount to be gained by learning from him.  

Learn from Dr. Joel Wallach

Here are the resources for learning from Dr. Wallach that will get you going.

1)  Listen to this Youtube presentation

This will give you a great basis to go off of and get you thinking and pondering.

2)  Read his book Dead Doctors Don't Lie!

     He has an amazing story to tell and this book is full of information. 

3)  Check out product information

Look under Health and Nutrition.  Then go to Healthy Body Paks.  The very first top seller is the recommended beginning pak. 

Here is another option for where you can purchase these high quality products that you can take daily.

I do not promote companies or products that I do not believe in.  I am taking some of these products now and seeing what they do for me.

Disclosure:  These products are fabulous! Admittedly, this possibility hits in the network marketing area. I have found that some of the very best products out there come through these sources. They put in a lot of time and research into their products and they provide a lot of great information. I personally buy from four network marketing companies. Two of them I only buy from once every few months. I buy from them because I love the products and believe in them! Don't let the rotten network marketing companies taint the good ones.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Disclaimer:  The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease.  The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Please consult with a licensed health care practitioner if you are dealing with a serious disease or illness.

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