Options for Ordering Young Living Essential Oils

Two options for ordering are available. You can order as a:

  • Retail Customer: A Retail Customer is one who purchases products at full retail price (about 24% above wholesale). There are no sign up fees and no minimum order. A Retail Customer is not able to participate in the business opportunities and does not receive commissions. Retail customers don't need to purchase starter kit.

  • Member: With this option you purchase products at the wholesale price of 24% off. You only need to purchase at least $50 per year in products. You also have the option of participating in the compensation plan and earning commissions, but it is not required. You also have the option of participating in the Essential Rewards program and earning further discounts. Upon signing up for membership, you are required to purchase one of the starter kits, some are explained below.

To enroll as a member requires ordering one of the following starter kits. Enrollment is the only time you have the option of ordering one of these particular kits. 

    1) Basic Starter Kit - Price $45

    2) Premium Starter Kit -  Price: $160

Personal Note:  #2 would be my recommendation unless you have a particular interest in one of the other ones.

    3) Premium Starter Kit with NingXia - Price: $170

    4) Premium Starter Kit with Thieves - Price: $160

As a member, you may choose to share with others and build a business if you desire or you can just appreciate paying less for your products through the wholesale pricing. To keep your membership active once you are a member you must order a minimum of $50 in products per year. 

A member also has the option of enrolling on an automatic monthly order of $50 or more called “Essential Rewards”. This allows you to get 10-20% of your order back in free products plus reduced shipping costs. This is a great choice for someone who either wants to discover the benefits of a variety of oils or other products, and/or who is planning to use the supplements every month for a while to improve their health. You can change this order every month, online or by phone, and you can cancel at any time. 

A member receives his/her own member number to use in ordering products or referring others. Young Living is a referral based business opportunity. Each member has the potential of earning commissions should they choose to share the products and refer people with their member number. You must accrue 50 PV (Personal Volume) in a given month to be eligible for commissions for that month. Most people find that they get so excited about the results of using these products that they can't help but share them with others. 

How to Become a Member/ Make a Purchase

1) Go to the Young Living Member Signup Page

2) Choose "Member" or "Retail Customer."

3) If you choose the Member option, look under where it says "Who introduced you to Young Living?"

Click the circle for: I was referred by a Young Living member, and I have his or her member number.

4) Enter Enroller and Sponsor ID numbers, which are the same:  326780 

5) Fill out the information page, scan through the Policies and Procedures and at the bottom of the screen, and click “I agree”. 

Purchase Essential Oils (Use Sponsor #326780)

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