Paida (slapping) and lajin (stretching)

by Jason

I had practiced paida and lajin for about 3 years. This is the most simple and effective way to improve my health conditions. Everybody can learn this from free and also from the book paida and lajin self healing by Hongchi Xiao (Amazon,kindle edition).

These techniques can be used for treatment or cure of diabetes, hypertension, prostate, constipation,insomnia, over weight,impotence,muscle spasms, arthritis, knee and lower back pain and even mental problems. It help me overcome my insomnia, knee calcification and IBS problems.

I am a health care provider. I highly recommend everyone who is taking Soma, Vicodin, Metformin, Norvasc, Proscar, Phentermine, Ambien, Viagra,Miralax, Imitrex,Naprosen,or any similar or related medications should learn these techniques.

It is super easy to master and very effective for many diseases. I try to promote this simple technique for my patients without much success. Because it is too easy to be believed. It really works for me and thousands of other patients all over Asia and Europe.

I attended the seminar presented by Mr.Xiao last Sunday in Monrovia,ca. One of holistic therapist testified that her patients got fast results in improving sex drive, lower back and knee pain and losing weight.

This revolutionary discovery of paida and lajin self healing techniques will become very useful tool for everybody and possible save us billions of dollar in health care. Please compare this technique with all other methods and help us to lower our health care costs. Everyone can learn all these techniques without cost and become your own master of your health. Believe me, Just try it. Your health is in your hands and you can master your own health.

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Mar 28, 2015
my experiance paida, lajin
by: Anonymous

I learned about lajin paida while surfing youtube for self healing. very interesting.started out, only able to do 1-2 minutes at time. had a very severe healing crises.that lasted about 2 weeks total..but I got right back into it. my problems were low sex drive, a left side nostril that was always plugged and the doctors said I need a $20000.00 surgery. hip pain on left side. and seasonal depression.also I experienced flashes in the peripheral vision of my left eye. the results have been amazing..the sex drive is improved. also now I just glide when I walk, no more stiff painfull hip. and best of all my left side nostril is now back to normal. all of my problems are much can be uncomfortable, but I am sold.the paida worked almost instantly for depression, just slap your head.good luck.

Dec 06, 2013
One day workshop result
by: Jason

I joined their one day workshop on 12/1/13 in Irvine, CA. I learned more about the paida techniques and got the answers for all my questions. It really is a good technique to improve your conditions by self healing. But its effectiveness may be not so obvious if someone does not do lone enough paida. (slapping). The best results usually come when you can tolerate the painful slapping on your most painful areas. I saw several patients got their improvement for their frozen shoulders by strong slapping on their shoulders.

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