Rockin' it Physical Health with Patches:
Activate Your Stem Cells

This one I am totally jazzed about! The idea behind this is phenomenal and exciting because we are talking about the body stimulating and activating the production of its own young stem cells through the use of patches.

What are these Patches?

These are small patches you can wear that help tremendously with physical issues.  The one in particular that has me most excited is called the X39 and it uses optic reflection to stimulate the body to increase copper peptide which then signals to the body to produce young stem cells. No chemicals or drugs involved. How exciting is that!

You have got to learn about these patches. They are phenomenal! The LifeWave X39 just came out in January of 2019 and this is on the cutting edge when it comes to health and healing. This is big! No... This is huge! Stem cell therapy has been a major area of research for the last several years. These patches come without the risks and the huge cost.

What are the potential benefits?  Find out here:  Benefits and Testimonials

Just to let you know, these do come through a direct marketing company. I have no problem with these kinds of companies (the good ones) because I think some of them have the highest quality products out there and they put a lot of research in and provide a lot of great information and support. This one certainly fits that category!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Learn About the LifeWave X39 Patches

Here is a presentation by a wonderful woman whom I have come to know who credits the earlier patches with saving her life. She tells her story, explains the risks, cost issues, and possible problems of stem cell injections, and then explains the patches.

You can also learn more here:  LifeWave and in the following video as presented by the creator of the patches.

The field of stem cell production is huge. This is a big deal! Learn about these amazing patches and what they can potentially do for you now!  LifeWave

And again, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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