Personal Reflexology Experiences

Swollen Cheeks Reduced with Reflexology 

Probably the most dramatic personal reflexology experience that I have had with someone was when my cousin lived with us. He was 18 and had all four wisdom teeth pulled of which at least some were impacted. As those of you know who have had that experience it causes a lot of swelling and the person looks like a chipmunk with their fat cheeks. 

I wondered if there was a reflex point for edema and found a point in the book Reflexology For Every Body by Mildred Carter and Tammy Weber. The point is on the foot and is shown in this picture. The dark purple is the primary working area and the lighter purple shows secondary areas to try. I believe I only worked the dark area on my cousin. 

I figured it would'n’t hurt to try so I rubbed the point on one side for 5 minutes at the longest. When I looked at his face I was quite surprised and I said to my cousin, “I think your cheek has gone down. You look lop-sided.” He reached up and felt both sides, nodded his head and said, “I think so too!” 

I then proceeded to rub the point on the other foot and watched as his cheek went down on that side as well. A daughter was looking on and we were all delighted and amazed at how quickly the swelling receded. 

Constipation Relieved Through Vita-Flexing Digestive Points

A few years ago I had a daughter go through at least 3 if not 4 incidents where she was in heavy pain due to constipation. For whatever reason she was not willing to try much of anything, but she needed it relieved immediately and she was willing to allow me to work on her feet. 

The first time it was in the middle of the night and so out of desperation I started to do Vita-Flex Technique on the digestive area of the reflex points. I actually started with the left foot which carries the reflex points to the last half of the digestive tract as shown in the picture below.  My thinking was to stimulate the lower part of the digestive tract first and hopefully get it going and then I would go to working the whole tract.

I followed that plan working the left foot for maybe 5 minutes and then I went to working both feet in a continuous flow through the digestive tract. It worked beautifully.  I just kept at it and at about the 30 minute time frame my daughter suddenly said she needed to go to the bathroom. 

Because this problem repeated itself over a few months time, I was able to use this same process for 3 or 4 different times. Consistently, each time it took right around 30 minutes and then things seemed to move for her. I don’t guarantee that the results will be the same in every situation as each person'’s body and each problem is different, but for her it definitely made a difference. 

You can imagine how grateful I was to know this technique and be able to help her.

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