Schedule a Body Code Session Now!

With Certified Body Code Practitioner, Vicki Winterton

Schedule a Body Code Session Now!

With Certified Body Code Practitioner, Vicki Winterton

Congratulations!  You are one of those who has chosen to take responsibility for your own health.  You are one who is searching and looking for answers and doing something about it.  Way to be!

Welcome to The Body Code.  If you have not experienced a Body Code session before you are in for a fascinating journey into the underlying core imbalances giving you grief emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, etc.  You know which of those are applicable.

Now for the details.

Important Note Before You Go Any further: 

My sessions are no longer strictly Body Code sessions.  I am trained in the Healer's Blueprint and have had some training in Investigating Health.  I use those systems  most of the time with the Body Code being my resource.  If you want Body Code only, then practitioners can be found here:  Healer's Library Global Practioner List. 

My sessions pull from everything I have learned.  My intent is to release as much as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.  (Sessions are 50 minutes.)  The advantage is being able to release a lot.  The disadvantage is that it does not give you a lot of information about what is being released.  For an Energy Healing session continue reading.

Framework of a Healing Session with me

What Can a  Session Do For Me?

Quite frankly, I don't entirely know.  All I can do is identify and release underlying imbalances and then we will see what your body does with it.  What I do know is that the possibilities are limitless.  Imbalances underlay the bottom of every emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual problem you may have.  What can be worked on is only limited by the questions that you ask.

Examples of what I have personally seen: A chronic cough cleared in 4 sessions.  Neck pain lessened within one session and completely cleared in four sessions.  Pain in feet greatly reduced over 5 sessions.

What we do in a session is ask questions like, "Is there an underlying imbalance causing this ____________?" or, "Is there a reason why I am experiencing these symptoms of _______________?"  You fill in the blank with whatever issue you want worked on.   I then follow my charts using muscle testing to find the underlying issues.  We then release it or identify something that will help in some way.  We continue asking the question and releasing for as long as the body gives a "Yes" response.

What a session does not do is replace medical help.  Please use your preferred doctor for anything serious and do not change any of your current care without going through your medical specialist.

Session Pricing

Session pricing is listed below.  Be sure to use the introductory, try-it-out session price when purchasing your first session.  Check below for the amount of savings when purchasing multiple sessions after your first session is done.  Sessions can be for the same person or mix and match with people in your immediate family

I believe in family discounts so I have already incorporated that in by charging less for children and pet sessions.

Sessions can be done by phone, skype, e-mail, or in person. Payments may be made by using one of the following buttons through Paypal.  All sessions must be paid for in advance.

Discounted Session
(50 Minutes)

Adult - 1 session for $30
Child - 1 session for $25
Pet - 1 session for $25


Child Sessions
(17 and Under)

1 Session for $50
2 Sessions for $95
3 Sessions for $135
25 Min. Session for $25

Number of Sessions

Adult Sessions
(18 and Older)

1 Session for $55
2 Sessions for $105
3 Sessions for $150
25 Min. Session for $30

Number of Sessions


1 Session for $50
2 Sessions for $95
3 Sessions for $135
25 Min. Session for $25


Set Up a Session

To set up a session do one of the following:

1) Call me or text me (Vicki) directly at 435-671-3511. You can call me Mondays through Saturdays.  Please no calls on Sundays.  Leave a message letting me know what time zone you are in, what days and times are best for you and how you would like the session to be done and I will get back with you.

2) E-mail me at with your time zone, possible open times, and how you would like the session/s to be done and I will get back with you.

3) Contact me through this website letting me know your time zone, how you would like a session to be done, and possible open times and I will get back with you.

Questions and Answers

Q: What Can Happen During a Session and Afterwards?
A: I cannot guarantee what exactly your body will do when these imbalances are corrected or how many sessions it will take to make a big difference. Huge differences have been known to happen in as little as one session or it may take several sessions plus time. It is your energy that will be giving the input. "I just work here," as I have heard Dr. Nelson say.

Some people get emotional with an occasional release.  Others feel a lifting or a releasing or tingling and others feel nothing at all.  Some have found that they are tired after a session and need to rest.  On the extreme end I have had a couple of different people feel wiped out for two days.  I heard someone refer to that as an "Emotional Hangover."  Great descriptive term!  Generally, the most common is a little tiredness if anything.  In some cases people feel more energized. 

I do know that for every corrected imbalance, something inside of you will have shifted. You may notice a big difference, a slight difference, or it may be so subtle that you can't tell a thing. Either way energy within you has shifted in some way for the better.

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Disclaimer:  The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease.  The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Please consult with a licensed health care practitioner if you are dealing with a serious disease or illness.

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