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Gratitude: The Key to a Fabulous, Peace-Filled Life

The healing power of gratitude.

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Dark Spirits Are Real

Dark spirits are a reality of life. Find out who the dark spirits are and what can be done about them.

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Lesser-Known Ideas for Giving Your Immune System a Boost

Top-notch ways you may not be aware of to boost your immune system

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Joint Pain and Stiffness are All to Common

Joint pain and stiffess and the underlying emotional roots

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Knee Pain Gone

I had a knee pain, which was recurring every now and then, I think it was because of running on hard surfaces that it got too much stress. So this one

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Gentle Touch Technique

I just came across this technique for dealing with pain and think it is a great tool to add to your self-healing toolkit. Check it out and store it away to use when needed.

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Educate Yourself About Food in America

Your "healthy" eating may not be as healthy as you thought. Find out what this woman discovered when she started researching.

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