More Choices in Self Muscle Testing

As mentioned on my Favorite Self Muscle Testing Methods page, there are many, many ways to self muscle test.  The trick is to find what works best for you for now and you can always learn other ways later on.  To start off try each method and see if one seems to be a good "fit" for you.

Four Additional Options for Self Muscle Testing

This particular video has been well-done and shows four more options for self testing.  In addition to showing and demonstrating the methods, he gives a great short explanation about muscle testing and what it is and why it works.  Gain a greater understanding of muscle testing by listening closely to what he says. 

Try out these methods.  It is good to learn more than one method and be versatile.  There are some situations in which you may prefer one method and in another situation you may prefer another method.  For instance, at the grocery store while testing a supplement, you may prefer to use the sway method shown near the end of the video. Do not limit yourself.

You can also get on YouTube and find other methods.  The important thing is to find what you are comfortable with.  Have fun practicing and don't get too stressed out if it doesn't work for you right off.  You will get there.  For me it took months before I was confident in my testing.  Others may find that it comes easily to them.  See if these tips help speed up the learning process if you are struggling.  Good luck!


Muscle Testing:

  • Is an amazing, wonderful, helpful skill
  • Bypasses the conscious, thinking mind and allows us to tap into the inner self
  • Tests your body's energy to the energy of statements, supplements, food, people, etc. around you
  • Is not to be used for trying to predict the future

This truly is a wonderful skill and one that is important in this day and age.  This is a skill that goes a long way towards being self-reliant.

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