Favorite Self-Muscle-Testing Methods

There are many, many ways to self test. The following self-muscle-testing methods are my most favorite methods. They have served me well.

Thumb in the Hole Method

The following excellent video by Catherine Davies demonstrates what was one of my first and most favorite ways to muscle test early on. It is very quick to use once it has been learned.

I am right-handed so I use my left thumb and pointer finger to form the circle. You can use whichever finger feels most comfortable to you along with the thumb for forming the circle.  One other difference between how I do it and how she is doing it is that I use my right thumb instead of the pointer finger. I changed to using my thumb after a time when I tested so much using my pointer finger in one day that my finger was very sore for several days. I must have been pushing quite hard.  Lol.  The thumb is not pulled in the same direction as the finger so it never becomes sore.

Arm at Your Side Method

Here is another method that I like a lot. It is very similar to the common way of testing another person with their arm out to the side only this is being done on yourself.

To do this method drop your arms straight down to your side. Choose the arm you would like to test on and bring the forearm up so that it is out at a 90 degree angle in front of you.

Using the first two fingers of your other hand, place them on the raised forearm just above (closer to the body) the wrist bone. You now press down testing yourself in the same way you would if you were testing someone else's arm.  Your arm will stay strong on a yes or positive response or drop down on a no or weak response.

One-handed Testing

The testing that I use the most is this one-handed method because it is easy to do quickly and inconspicuously if needed.  (No. This is not me in the video.)  Using your dominant hand, lay your middle finger on top of your pointer finger.  You can also curve your middle finger as shown in the video, but I like to just lay my middle finger flat on the pointer finger.  Ask a question and then press downward with the middle finger.  It will stay strong for a yes or will drop down for a no.

Other Ideas

Additional Options for Testing - This shows four additional excellent methods to try out. Also included is an explanation of muscle testing

Learning to muscle test initially requires a fair amount of practice to become confident. If you are having trouble, see the muscle testing tips page.

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