What of the Spiritual Side of Self-healing?

Where does Christ fit in all this? 

What have I gained by learning about the body's energy field, trapped emotions, tapping, essential oils, reflexology, etc.? 

Has this brought me closer to Christ? Does it bring people closer to Christ?

An Order in All Things

As I have learned about these things I have gained a tremendous awe and appreciation for the creation of the world and all living and non-living things... far beyond what I felt before. There is an order to the universe that is absolutely breathtaking in its magnificence. I feel closer to the Creator and recognize His abundant love for us. 

Increased Empathy and Being Less Judgmental

In learning about the significance of trapped emotions and where they come from, I feel much more empathy for individuals in their circumstances. I am less judgmental because I realize that in many cases what drives people to do what they do is pretty complicated and they may not even themselves realize what is driving them to certain actions. I have come to realize that there are those who, with full knowledge, make wrong choices. On the other hand there are those who make choices based on past experiences that they often do not even remember. It is not for me to judge which category each fits in.

Lead by the Spirit of God

I have listened to Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, tell about turning to his "Father" to ask for answers in putting oil blends together and receiving those answers. 

Sitting in a seminar and listening to Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code, I have heard him tell the story (also written in his book) of how he and his wife were lead to discovering heart walls. He was taught something he didn't even know to look for. This could only have come through the Spirit of God. 

Carol Tuttle in her book Remembering Wholeness writes, "I am writing this book because God asked me to." 

I read David Stewart's words in his book Healing Oils of the Bible wherein he says that essential oils are a gift from God to us his children. 

Do these people believe in God? Absolutely!! In learning and changing our hearts we turn towards God and we become more Christ-like.

Releasing the Negative Brings us Closer to Christ

I have seen and/or read of people who have changed their lives for the better just by releasing their heart wall. Does it not bring one closer to Christ and to our loving Heavenly Father to get rid of the negative that is holding us down? 

In the word's of Carol Tuttle, p. 6 of Remembering Wholeness:

"As negative energy is released, clients are opened to their spiritual nature. This allows them to remember who they are and why they are here."

Releasing trapped emotions has allowed people to get in the energy of forgiving others and of forgiving themselves. They have an increased willingness to look outside themselves because they are no longer hurting and wounded. Are not these Christ-like attributes? We are able to get beyond our own baggage and issues so that we can look outward. In the releasing and letting go we discover the divinity of Christ within us.

Following in Christ's Path

In helping others to heal, whether emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically, we are following in the path of Christ. Christ's greatest miracles were in healing. 

Being Ready to Heal

Not everyone is ready to heal. Some avoid healing emotionally. For these people their baggage may be a crutch that they are not ready to let go of. It may serve to bring attention or give an excuse for them not to do other things. The reasons why we may not want to heal are varied. 

David Stewart has written:

"When we suffer with a disease, even a fatal one, there is often a part of us that wants to be healed but another part that does not. Sickness can serve to bring us some of the things we want in life, like sympathy or a sense of self-worth or freedom from certain responsibilities because we are sick. Sickness is often an unconscious choice at an emotional level. We have actually invited the disease into our lives at an unconscious level. When the opportunity comes to be healed, we may accept it consciously and intellectually, but reject it subconsciously and emotionally."

It is for us to be patient. On a daily basis I see people that I think, "Oh, if only I could tell you about ________ and have you listen and be willing to work at it." So many times I know that the person is not ready to listen to these truths. Yet there are those who are ready and it is to you that I speak. Open your heart and mind to listen and understand. You will be amazed at the changes that can come into your life. 

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Disclaimer:  The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any disease.  The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Please consult with a licensed health care practitioner if you are dealing with a serious disease or illness.

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