TEC/EFT/Feelings Buried Alive Never Die(FBAND) are a team

by Rebecca Romano

Have enjoyed looking your website over...will put it in my favorites! I learned reflexology some 30 years ago...not understanding 'how' it worked but knew it did. In 2007 I learned EFT, took a BodyTalk 4-Day class and in the meantime started buying and studying everything I could from Donna Eden and am learning to use essential oils (love them). Recently I have learned TEC (The Emotion Code) and plan to purchase the Body Code System when I am able. Now for my tip...

Example... You have diabetes

Go to Karol's FBAND (Feelings Buried Alive Never Die), look up diabetes.

Muscle test to see if any of the 8 feelings are contributing to the diabetes.

Take the first (or priority) and muscle test: Is there a trapped emotion contributing to this feeling of ________ that is causing the diabetes?

Go from there with the TEC process. I make sure there is nothing left under the 'Diabetes' list. (It may take more than one session). Sometimes there may be many trapped emotions alone on each one
It is wonderful. I know that you can 'agenda' as Dr. Nelson does which is great but I have found this to be amazing also.

I also use rolling the magnet or EFT to include the positive. Let's say 'anger' was one of the trapped emotions...I would then use Karol's list of positive feelings and EFT away or roll with the magnet.

Is this too confusing? It is really fun to do. If you would like, I would love to visit with you sometime on the phone. Let me know and I will give you a call. I live in south Texas and those interested in this kind of energy work is extremely limited.

Blessings to your life journey in energy healing,

Rebecca Romano

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