The Canker of Victimhood

One definition of a canker is an ulcerous condition or disease. Another definition is - something evil that spreads through a person's mind. Both definitions, in my opinion, fit victimhood.

The belief that one is a victim and placing that belief into a pot that simmers on the stove of the mind in a never-ending slow boil turns that belief into a canker. It oozes out in one's words and actions. It envelopes the mind preventing one from progressing. Victimhood is truly a canker that infects the soul distracting one from their true amazing self.

How to Know if You are in Victimhood

The best way to find out if you are in victimhood is to ask those around you whom you trust will be discerning, honest, and give you a straight answer. It can be difficult to recognize within yourself, but if you want to give it a go then consider the following carefully.

Those in victimhood:

  • are stuck. There is no progress.
  • think everything is being done to them.
  • believe they are powerless to do anything about their situation.
  • place blame outside of themselves.
  • rationalize and justify themselves.
  • refuse to look inward and take responsibility for themselves.

How Does Victimhood Canker the Soul?

Simply put, a victim mindset prevents one from progressing.  It dams the process of spiritual growth. Lack of progression is possibly the biggest negative result, but not only does it do that, it keeps the soul filled with anger, resentment, bitterness, blame of others, criticism of others, and the list goes on. Victimhood comes from a place of lack which also means a place of ingratitude.

Is There a Benefit to Victimhood?

Sure there is. Or at least there certainly is a perceived benefit to victimhood. It tends to attract sympathy. Initially anyway. People tend to catch on over time and then start to feel manipulated.

It also gives one a way to excuse oneself from action. The fault is outside of oneself isn't it?

Think closely on the following quotes.

"When your victimhood is your empowerment, recovery is the enemy, and working on 'individual change' becomes counterproductive, even dangerous to your identity."

                 ~ Tammy Bruce

"But victimhood was seductive, a release from resonsibility and caring.  Fear would be transmuted into weary resignation; failure would no longer generate guilt but, instead, would spawn a comforting self-pity."

                    ~   Dean Koontz

Other Reasons As to why You May Want to Stay in Victimhood:

At What Price?

But ask yourself, ......   What are you giving up by staying in victimhood?  What is the price you are paying?

At what cost?

“What is the return on investment of being wedded to your suffering? What do you receive from stewing in victim consciousness? Righteous indignation or an excuse not to change?”

     ~  Lisa Cypers Kamen

Why Get Out of Victimhood?

The benefits of getting out of victim mentality are the exact opposite of why a person is in victimhood.

  • Empowerment - Instead of thinking everything is being done to you, you now take responsibility for yourself and that is empowering!
  • Liberation - Getting rid of the negative attitudes of blame and criticism now allows you to fill that with positive energy instead opening the way for personal growth.  That is liberating!
  • Closer relationships - As you take responsibility for your own "stuff" others will have increased trust in you and will be more open and willing to share.
  • Self-respect - You become in integrity with yourself as you take responsibility for your choices, beliefs, and actions and that can't help but increase your self-respect.
  • Service-oriented - The energy that was being spent on staying in victimhood can now be used for good and in serving others. 

How Do You Get Out of a Victim Mentality?

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