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In an effort to accommodate those who do not want to have to go through everything to find anything new, I have included this “what'’s new” page.

Added October 2013

New Pages: 

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Added May 2013

New Page:

Added April 2013

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Rather than adding pages I have been working hard to update my pages and move them over into a whole new website design with dropdown menus instead of the left side navigation.  Hopefully this will be much easier for you to navigate.  I would love feedback, recommendations, what you would like to see added to the site, etc.  Please contact me and let me know.

I have updated the Telesummits page to the ones going on right now or this year.  Please take a look as each one offers a HUGE amount of information.

Pin It! buttons and Facebook Like Buttons have been added to the foot reflexology chart and the hand reflexology chart for ease of sharing as these charts have been a big favorite.  It is possible to comment on these pages and on other pages with more pages to come having that option.

Newly reworked pages:

Lesser known about pages:       

Added May 2012

New Page:

Telesummits: Treasures of Great Worth - Telesummits offer the greatest knowledge for the best value of anything we know. Cost free you can listen to experts in the fields of healing and transformation. Includes a listing of current telesummits taking place.

Added September 2010

New Technique: The Healing Code and the more comprehensive Healing Codes.

New Pages:

Body Code System Webinar - This page includes the first four youtube videos of a Body Code webinar (12-18-09) with summaries of each.

Body Code System Webinar Continued - This page includes the remaining four youtube videos of the Body Code webinar (12-18-09) with summaries of each.

Added August 2010

New Pages:

Muscle Testing Tips - If you are struggling with muscle testing then give these tips a try.

Sensitivities to Essential Oils - Whether you have reactions to oils or not this informative article written by Dr. David Stewart is a must read for everyone.

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