Your Heart Wall Revealed

Do you have a heart wall? If so, of what substance has your mind formed your heart wall with? Just how thick is your wall? Discover the intricacies of your personal heart wall through muscle testing (also known as energy testing or kinesiology) and asking these questions from this printable outline.

If you already know how to use The Emotion Code then you can start releasing the trapped emotions from your heart wall. It is totally fascinating to test periodically for the thickness of the heart wall and see that it reduces in size as you release emotions. It is also quite fun!

Don't know how to muscle test, but want to learn about your heart wall and get it released right away? I don't blame you in the least. You have had it long enough!! Free yourself of this burden: Schedule an Emotion Code Session with Vicki and be on your way to opening your heart to sending and receiving more love. It usually takes 1 to 3 sessions to fully get rid of a heart wall. It is estimated that 90% of the population have a heart wall. Get rid of yours now!

Heart Wall Questions

A. Ask: "Do I/you have a Heart Wall?"

  1. If no then ask "Do I/you have a hidden heart wall?" If no then you are done. You do not have a heart wall.
    If yes and you want to know more then proceed to question B.
  2. If yes and you want to know more before finding the trapped emotions then continue with question B.

B. Ask: "Is my/your heart wall made of wood?"

  1. If yes then proceed to question C.
  2. If no then ask - "Is it made of something harder than wood?" or alternately "Is it made of something softer than wood?"

Continue with naming different substances that the wall could be made of. The mind tends to choose a substance that is symbolic for the person or familiar. Possibilities include:

Metals - Chrome Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron, Titanium, Copper, Aluminum, Gold, Silver, Brass

Rocks - Granite, Slate, Marble

Precious Stones - Diamond

Construction materials - Bricks, Concrete, Logs, Stucco

Earth substances - Flowers, Earth, Vegetation, Bushes, Water

Familiar items - Quilts, Blankets, Sheets, Pillowcases, Leather, Glass, Mirror, One-way mirror, Plastic, Toys

Food - Chocolate

Substances unknown to man - Ex. A substance in a sci-fi movie that is not real

C. Ask: "When did I/you first start building my Heart Wall? Was it in the first (split your age in half and ask about the first half) years of my life?"

  1. If yes then continue splitting the age difference in half until you narrow it down to about 3 to 5 years and then ask on each specific year.
  2. If no then split the age difference in the later half of life and continue narrowing down to about 3 to 5 years and then ask on each specific year.
  3. If neither one of the other two options is getting a yes then ask if it began at birth or in the womb. This is usually rare.

D. Ask: "How thick is my/your Heart Wall? Should I measure in inches, feet, yards, miles, etc? Is it more than 10 (state the measurement) thick?" Pinpoint the type of measurement then continue narrowing down until you find the correct width. It is also possible for it to be so many bricks wide or sheets thick, etc. You may have to do some good detective work.


What is a Heart Wall?

Trapped Emotions

The Emotion Code


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